By Cami Graham, Contributing Writer

Christmas cookie Cutter

TRUTHFULLY, WHEN I had this idea, I wondered if it would end up looking like a 5-year-old did it. I mean, artistic painting has never been my strength, and this probably sounded too easy. How delighted I was when my cookie-cutter stamped tea towels turned out so cute! And they are so simple to make that a 5-year-old can do it!

Let me show you how to make cookiecutter stamped tea towels and then you can enjoy making them yourself, or round up your whole family to create their own fun designs to gift to neighbors, grandparents, teachers, and friends.

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Tea Towel or flour sacksCraft Supplies

• Fabric paint

• Cookie cutters

• Brush

• Garbage bags or another surface protector

• Paper Plate


1. Prep and protect your area with garbage bags.

Finished Product Christmas2. Pour a generous amount of paint onto a paper plate to cover the surface of your cookie cutter. Use a brush to even out the paint, if needed.

3. Simply dip the cookie cutter into the paint, covering the whole surface edge with paint, just like you would for cutting a sugar cookie.

4. Gently lift the cookie cutter out of the paint and carefully press onto the towel. Continue until you’ve created the design you like.

5. Let dry, and set the fabric paint according to the manufacturer’s directions.

The most difficult part of this activity: deciding which one to keep for yourself.