Tara Bone, contributing writer



When is your playlist beginning to sound a lot like Christmas? Is it November 1 or earlier (though you won’t admit it), or do you wait to settle in with all things Christmas later in December? Either way, it doesn’t feel like the Christmas season without Christmas music.

There’s no doubt Christmas music is beloved. There are literally millions of Christmas songs available on Spotify and other streaming services. The love for Christmas music began in 4th- century Rome with Latin-language hymns. In subsequent years, the development of popular Christmas songs snowballed throughout Europe in each country’s native language. As immigrants came to America in the mid to late 1700s, songs like Silent Night were translated into English. The Great Depression Era of the 1930s marked a Golden Age of holiday songs thanks to radio technology. During World War II, songs like I’ll Be Home for Christmas captured the hearts of people who hoped for better times and happy homecomings. Today musicians in many genres offer endless Christmas music choices.

So, what is it about Christmas music that holds a special place in hearts year after year? Bre Phelps of Wellsville is a singer and mother of four who is passionate about the power of music, specifically Christmas music to heal and unite. From a young age, music was a lifeline of love and light as she faced challenges.

For her, Christmas music carries a special message for all generations. She believes listening to messages of “good tidings” and “great joy” naturally affects behavior.

“I think Christmas music is the reason everybody becomes better around Christmas,” Bre said.

“Why is Christmas music different? We have a common goal, we all know the songs — all ages — and music transcends everything; it fills all the gaps. When we don’t know what to say it connects.”

During the holiday season Bre sings throughout Cache Valley for church, school, and business events. In 2018, she put together the Christmas album Holy Night. She says the experience was a mommy dream for her because for years she had set it aside until the right time. “I was so thankful to be able to get creative and do something for me and God,” she said.

Local singer Bre Phelps’ album “Holy Night” is available on all major streaming platforms.

Bre has seen Christmas music’s power to soften and heal. Years ago, she felt her family and local community were missing out on the power of Christmas music. She set out to change that. Every year, except the COVID years, she hosts a caroling party for family, friends, and neighbors to come together to sing and perform Christmas songs around the piano, guitar, or whatever other instrument.

“It feels awkward to us to sit around and share tender feelings. We’ve lost that in our community — we’re all so busy and check-listy,” Bre said. But at the Caroling parties she says it doesn’t take long for the music to “bring the feelings.”

“Music breaks down barriers and makes it easier for people to feel,” she adds.

This holiday season slow down and connect with the people you love through the music of the season. Whether that looks like attending one of the many holiday performances in Cache Valley or inviting friends and neighbors to gather and sing at home! Let the songs of Christmas make your season bright.


The Nutcracker
Friday, November 25 – Monday,
November 28
Ellen Eccles Theatre

David Archuleta: The More the Merrier Christmas Tour
November 30
7:30 p.m.
Logan High School

Wintersongs: USU Combined Choirs
December 1
6 p.m. & 8 p.m.
St. Thomas Aquinas

Juanito’s Christmas Carol
Pickleville on Tour
December 2 – December 5
Ellen Eccles Theatre

Four Seasons Theatre
December 1 – December 10
Sky View High School

The Forgotten Carols: 2022 Tour
December 3
7:30 p.m.
Logan High School

American Festival Chorus and Orchestra: Christmas from the Daines Concert Hall with GENTRI
December 8 – 10
Daines Concert Hall

Ryan Shupe and The Rubberband
December 9
7:30 p.m.
Logan High School

An Evening with Nathan Pacheco
December 10
7:30 p.m.
Ellen Eccles Theatre

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
Lyric Rep and Utah State Theatre
December 12 – December 16
7 p.m.
Ellen Eccles Theatre

Cache Children’s Choir
December 12
7 p.m.
Russell/Wanlass Performance Hall

USU Youth Conservatory Christmas Recital
December 15
6 p.m.
Russell/Wanlass Performance Hall

Mannheim Steamroller Christmas
December 19
5 & 8 p.m.
Ellen Eccles Theatre

Mark Mackay Christmas Concert Tour
December 21
7 p.m.
Ellen Eccles Theatre