ChewbeadsPINEvery mom knows the pain of watchingtheir baby teethe. The constant gnawing, drooling, winced face and crying. As a mom of four I have tried a plethora of products, but my new favorite are Chewbeads. These tethers are cute and fun, are perfect for my baby to gnaw on as I do my best to cuddle her and relieve discomfort.

Chewbeads has a full line of silicone teething necklaces, bracelets, teethers, and Juniorbeads. The idea of s silicone teething necklace for mom to wear and baby to chew really isn’t unique, but most are bulky, heavy and pick up dirt, hair and fuzz easily. However, amazingly, Chewbeads do not attract these debris and are very lightweight. They have a break-away clasp to avoid choking for mom and the silicone beads (which are free of BPA, phthalate, cadmium, lead and heavy metals) are just right for baby’s sore gums.

Chewbeads come in a wide variety of fun colors (see the pic to the left) which are great both for coordinating with moms’ outfits and attracting babies’ attention.

Chewbeads necklaces range from $29.50-$36.50.