Schae Richards, community editor

Want to impress with your smile? Aspen Dental of Cache Valley has just the thing for you.

Blake Cameron, DDS, of Aspen Dental of Cache Valley, said their practice is excited to be teaming up with the Smiles for Life Foundation this year to not only brighten people’s smiles, but also to support a great cause.

Smiles for Life is a campaign that occurs each year in the United States and Canada where dentists provide discounted teeth-whitening services and donate 100 percent of the proceeds to local and national charities that help ill, disabled and disadvantaged children around the world. Half of the proceeds go to a local charity of the dentist’s choosing, and the other half goes to a national charity that is approved through the Smiles for Life Foundation.

Dentists at Aspen Dental of Cache Valley chose Cache Valley for Hope for their local charity. Cache Valley for Hope is a non-profit organization that helps families that are battling cancer. “We have patients involved with Cache Valley for Hope, so it touches a little closer to home for us,” Dr. Cameron said.

The Smiles for Life campaign runs from the beginning of March until the end of June each year. This is the first year Aspen Dental of Cache Valley is participating in the program. Dr. Cameron said the manufacturing company for their teeth whitening products has donated all of the products for the project, just as the doctors are donating their time. Their practice is offering $50 off any teeth whitening service.

Those who come in can choose one of two options for teeth whitening. The first and most popular method is to have the dentist whiten your teeth at their office located at 1451 N 200 E #200 in Logan. You get an immediate result for photos or an upcoming event. The second option is to take home a custom tray. The dentist takes an impression of your teeth, and then creates a tray specifically for you. You can use the bleach for one or two weeks until your teeth are at the shade you want. Custom trays are also sent home with in-office services.

Through local and national support, the Smiles for Life Foundation has raised $38 million to help children in need over the last 19 years, according to their website, and almost $700,000 has been raised nationwide so far this year, Cameron said. It continues to grow and the dentists at Aspen Dental of Cache Valley hope to make a difference in their own community and throughout the world with their donated services.

Dr. Cameron said there has never been a better time to get your best smile. “Now is the chance to get your teeth whitened while supporting a great cause,” he said. Visit or to learn more about Smiles for Life.