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Mac N’ Cheese with Peas

Makes 5 servings | Serving size: 1 cup PREP TIME 5 min COOK TIME 15 min TOTAL TIME 20 min   This simple dish is easy enough to make on any busy night or for a quick lunch. And with whole grain pasta and the added veggies,...

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Breakfast Enchiladas

Makes 8 servings | Serving size: 1 enchilada  PREP TIME 15 min COOK TIME 15 hr TOTAL TIME 30 min   These enchiladas are a delicious way to use leftover Easter eggs. This is a iFit staff favorite for Easter—even amongst hard...

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Winter Poppyseed Salad

PREP TIME: 15 MIN | COOK TIME: 0 MIN | TOTAL TIME: 15 MIN This colorful salad embraces the flavor of winter and will make a beautiful addition to your holiday table this season. The sweet-’n-tart poppy seed dressing is delicious...

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