Wind Caves

One of the best things about living in Cache Valley is the beautiful, natural surroundings. If you enjoy the outdoors, you don’t need to hit the gym to exercise. Instead, you can head up one of the area’s many canyons and let the mountains be your trainer. Here is a roundup of some of the best hikes Cache Valley has to offer:

Rated Easy to Moderate

Wind Caves: This trail is also known as the “Witch’s Castle.” This is a well-known and easy Logan Canyon hike for all ages.

River Trail or Riverside Nature Trail: A gravel trail that parallels the Logan River and U.S. Highway 89 for four miles. The trail has informative signs and benches along the way.

Jardine Juniper: A 10-mile-round trip trail in Logan Canyon. The focal point is the ancient juniper tree, the oldest living juniper in the Rocky Mountains.

White Pine Lake Trail: This trail starts at Tony Grove in Logan Canyon and takes hikers to the White Pine Lake, a glacial lake that has great fishing.

Crimson Trail: Three-mile trail on the south side of Logan Canyon. It has views of Cache Valley, Logan Canyon, Beirdneau Peak, and the Wind Caves.

Castle Rock Trail: This popular trail can be easily accessed from Lundstrom Park in Logan.

Cache Valley Bonneville Shoreline Trail: A two-mile trail along the base of the Bear River Mountain Range. It’s a rolling trail with only slight inclines.

Rated Strenuous

Mendon Peak or Scout Peak via Deep Canyon: This hike is also known as the “Wellsville Mountain Wilderness Trail.” It gives hikers amazing views of Cache Valley, Idaho, and the Great Salt Lake.

Naomi Peak Trail: Breathtaking views through forested canyons and waterfalls.

Coldwater Lake Trail or Stewart Pass: A steep trail with a lot of switchbacks in the Wellsville Mountains, but the rewarding view at the top is spectacular.