Good Neighbors logoby Emily Merkley, association executive, Cache-Rich Association of REALTORS®

One of the greatest benefits of living in Cache Valley is the sense of community that is shared among residents and businesses. We are fortunate to live where neighbors are friends and where common core values drive us as we work and live together. We care about each other and share the same interests, and the community support of individual and group efforts creates cohesion and strong bonds between members.

Real Estate agents and brokers that are members of the Cache-Rich Association of REALTORS® are not just businessmen and women who work in the community — they live here. They are your neighbors and friends, each with an invested interest in the civic, economic and cultural health of their communities. As residents and members of the Association, they contract to clean our highways, and form as group volunteers to assist with various projects and emergency situations throughout the community.

In 2008, Janice West Williams, former president of the Cache-Rich Association of REALTORS®, developed the Good Neighbor Program, which focuses on providing opportunities for members of the Association to give back to their communities.

“What began as a task force evolved into a committee, and the members do things in their own way to enhance and benefit the community and create a conducive and appealing environment for residents and visitors,” Janice said.

In stride with the Good Neighbor Program, each year the REALTOR® Association is able to choose a charity where members volunteer time and manpower to help the organization. This year, they are privileged to work with the Cache Valley for Hope Cancer Foundation, which was established in 2011 to help relieve financial burdens for individuals within the community as they focus on their health during cancer treatments.

“When people or groups, such as the Cache-Rich Association of REALTORS®, volunteer their time and efforts to do fundraising on behalf of Cache Valley for Hope Cancer Foundation, those proceeds go a long way,” said Roger Welsh, founder of CVFH. “This draws attention to the purpose of our foundation, involves the community and works to enhance the spirit of support for these individuals. Support like this allows us to put our time and attention where it is most needed.”

Cache-Rich Association of REALTORSThe effects of implementation of the Good Neighbor Program have been seen in various facets of the community, and members of the REALTOR® Association appreciate these opportunities. Both residents and agents work alongside business owners and neighbors to change lives and create an environment of support as they continue to progress toward ideals of elevated living.

“What it really boils down to is the nature of our industry,” said Vern Fielding, 2015 President of the Cache-Rich Association of REALTORS®. “We are involved in the fundamental building blocks of life. Homes are where we raise our families, where we eat together and pray together. Often times, the most important events in life take place in our homes. Our industry lets us be active participants in building our community, and the REALTOR® Association, along with the Good Neighbor Program, emphasizes the value we place on building lives for members of our community.”