by Kate Petersen
Age Range: Infant – 3 yrs.
Required materials: baby/child’s feet, sponge brushes, paint (washable and/or non-toxic), ceramic plate or plaque (heavy card stock paper would work too).
This Easter craft is cute and meaningful! I will warn you though, it can get pretty messy to paint the baby/child’s feet and stamp them onto something all by yourself so if you can, have someone else help hold your baby/child upright while doing this craft.
To make my Bunny Ear Footprint plate, I went down to a pottery studio called Color Me Mine (they have various locations all over). I love making custom pottery pieces here because each piece is finished with a nice clear glaze over the top to protect the paint for years to come. As I mentioned, you could still do this craft on paper or any blank card.
First step is to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the bunny a little lower than mid-way down on your object.
Second, paint baby/child’s feet.
Third, stamp left foot above bunny face for left bunny ear, then right foot above bunny face for right bunny ear. Once footprints are stamped on, write any greeting above such as “Happy Easter” above the bunny.
Last, don’t forget to date it! It’s always nice to have a date when doing any type of hand/foot prints so that you can later look back to remember how old they were when their feet were that small!