Emily Merkley, association executive, Cache Valley Association of REALTORS®

When you’re house hunting, you may find your eyes drawn to the possibility of new construction. It could be that existing homes for sale just don’t meet all your needs, or that what is available comes with extensive remodel and repairs, as is likely with older homes. There is a certain allure to being the first to live in a brand-new home, one in which you played a role in the design process.

When dealing with real estate transactions and the purchase of existing homes, it’s easy to understand why the assistance of a licensed and knowledgeable REALTOR® is crucial for success. What is not well-known, however, is how important that same REALTOR® is when buyers are looking to purchase a newly-constructed home. Many buyers believe that when they are dealing directly with a builder or a builder’s agent, all the bases are covered, but the services of a REALTOR® ensure that the buyers’ best interests are fairly represented during the transaction.

A REALTOR® is best utilized to accompany buyers on visits to model homes or construction sites, as well as to meetings with the builder where they can help ensure that the buyer receives the most value for their money, and to help mitigate any problems that can arise during the build. A REALTOR® has experience and expertise to help with details that can often be overlooked during a new-construction home purchase, such as:

Negotiating Extras

Upgrades can often be negotiated during the first stages of the contract and offer.


Rather than just working with a lender that the builder always uses, A REALTOR® will direct buyers to a lender that is sure to help get a mortgage that works best for their specific situation.

Home Inspection

Home inspections are crucial to quickly correct mistakes or oversights that are common during construction. Taking care to have proper and timely inspections helps quell future problems from occurring and causing more issues.

Everyone wants to walk away from buying a home — new construction or otherwise — with peace of mind. Having a local REALTOR® in your corner will help facilitate that.

Worth Something: Top Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home

If you’re looking to make updates or create space, keep in mind the value that is added to your home, and be sure to compare that added value to the cost of your project. Projects that repair and replace create more value than add and remodel projects — and those that enhance curb appeal tend to produce the greatest return on investment. Think about switching out the siding or replacing a roof before adding a master suite or new kitchen.

Below are some of the wisest investment projects and their return on investment:

Garage Door Replacement


Wood Decking


Siding Replacement


Vinyl Window Replacement


Bathroom Remodel


Kitchen Remodel


Just as home trends transition over the years, so does the housing market, and the features that are viewed to be most valuable to buyers.