Eric and Isabel Jones and Family

Tara Bone, contributing writer

Isabel and Eric Jones of Cache Home Realty in Logan are passionate about helping their clients navigate the ups and downs of the real estate market, so if you were thinking about buying or selling before COVID-19 hit and now you’re wondering what to do, now is the time to go for it with their team of professionals.

Cache Home Realty was considered an essential business during the COVID-19 lockdown, so Isabel, Eric, and their team have been working through the pandemic and watching the market. Though there is uncertainty right now, Isabel says she doesn’t foresee a decline of home values and that the Utah economy and markets are strong. The only difference she’s noticed is the length of time a home for sale stays on the market. Before COVID-19, a home was typically on the market for two weeks, whereas today a home may sit a month, but sellers are still getting their asking price, and buyers are still buying.

Isabel says she often hears the misconception among buyers that they’re waiting until the market crashes. But she doesn’t believe the market’s going to crash in Cache Valley where home inventory is low and it’s a seller’s market. Unfortunately, she sees a lot of buyers get priced out of the market because they wait too long.

“If you’re thinking of buying, don’t wait; now is the time to get in and build equity,” Isabel said. “If you have a hunch — follow it!”

The couple is passionate about serving their clients and making the entire real estate process easy for them. In fact, she says she believes in taking care of clients like family and loves what she does. “I was born to do this,” she said. “I love every inch of it — it’s all me.”

Isabel discovered her passion for real estate in 2014 when she got her license to sell a property for her husband. They enjoyed working together and their desire to serve their community culminated in the creation of the Cache Home Realty Team. Today their team consists of six others who are committed to their mission of making Cache Valley a better place. “At the end of the day, we want to make a difference in the valley we love,” Eric says.

Their team approach is critical to their success because Isabel says “together we can do more.” Every year the team has met their goals and continues to reach higher. The team sold 82 homes in 2019 and is already on track to double that in 2020. They have a goal to become number one in northern Utah, and in six months they’ll open Keller Williams, a new office and brokerage.

The Jones’ work tirelessly to provide the best experience for their clients. Isabel says, the average agent in Cache Valley gets 96.7% of the original home asking price, but they get 99.37% of the original asking price. This means that on average they make their clients $6,538 more on an average sales price of $274,260.

The Cache Home Realty Team met the unique challenges that the pandemic presented head-on. The way they adjusted to meet the needs of the community is an example of how their team members are, as Isabel describes them, “professionals who are expert problem solvers.”

Though they followed increased safety measures, including virtual showings and virtual agent trainings, and adopted the Center for Disease Control guidelines, the team completed more transactions during the lockdown than they had in the previous months of 2020. The story of Isabel and Eric started at Logan High School where they met in 2000. They’ve been together for 15 years and live in Hyde Park where they’re busy with their four young children. They say their secret to success is putting “God, family, and work in that order.” But their work doesn’t feel like work to them because they say they enjoy serving the community.

“It doesn’t seem like a job because we love it so much,” Isabel said. “We want to preserve the feel of Cache Valley and leave it a better place.”