Marissa Benson, marketer, GCE Solar

1. Saves money: Solar energy is affordable and can save homeowners thousands of dollars. It’s also a great investment as it increases a home’s property value. With today’s low interest rates, your payment for solar could be lower than what you are currently paying for your electric bill. Why rent your electricity when you could own it?

2. Tax deductions: State and federal governments are currently offering major tax credits and incentives to those who install solar on their home or business. You can receive 30 percent off the net system price from the Federal Government and a $2,000 credit from the State of Utah.

3. Energy independence: Stop paying the electric company. Every year the electric company raises rates, but with solar energy you can avoid rate hikes. Protect your home or business from rising energy costs. Even on cloudy days you are still making your own energy!

4. Get off the grid: With a battery backup system you have the ability to keep your solar array going, even in the event of interrupted electrical service.

5. Go green: Do you want to help the environment? Going solar is one of the best ways to do it. Conventional power produces harmful emissions and greenhouse gases that can hurt the environment. Solar is a clean, renewable energy that uses the most natural of all resources, the sun. The United States places second in the world in annual carbon dioxide emissions. You can lower your carbon footprint by replacing utility power with clean electricity from solar panels. Installing a small solar energy system can be the same as planting 2,500 trees or not driving 285,000 miles.