Emily Buckley, editor in chief

When Brent Harding established his video production company, Rescue 1 Studios, in 2012, he began producing marketing videos for local businesses (including Cache Valley Family Magazine!). Over the years, he has created thousands of videos for hundreds of different industries. While maintaining a handful of local clients, Brent now does most of his work out of state, having worked in nearly every state in the country. He offers filming, photography, 2D animation, and 3D animation services. His work blends creativity, technology, and a profound sense of duty to give back to first responders.

Rescue 1’s home studio in North Logan is a 5,000-square-foot space.

“We moved into our studio in 2016 and started remodeling, beginning with the construction of a large white cyclorama [theatre] wall,” Brent said. “Soon after the wall was finished, we were curious what a high-end projector would look like on our large blank white wall when we were not using it for filming. We were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the picture and rigged up a concert speaker sound system to match the size of the screen.”

What started as a curiosity quickly evolved into a thriving event space aptly named after the colossal 33-foot screen. Screen 33 has become a go-to spot for unforgettable experiences, from corporate presentations to family gatherings and even weddings.

“From the very first rental, we have loved watching people come into the space and be blown away by the screen and sound system while also loving how comfortable the environment is, making it easy to socialize and connect with others,” Brent said.

Brent finds a common thread in storytelling on both ends of his businesses. “Storytelling is about connecting people with other people with common values,” he said. “What we film, how we film it, what music we use, what graphics we add, all play a role in communicating those values and strengthening that connection.”

The same connection happens as families, companies, and friends come into Studio 33 for events and create a shared experience using all the elements the venue has to offer.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Rescue 1 and Screen 33 is the dynamic duo behind it all. In addition to running both of these businesses, Brent is a full-time firefighter for Logan City, juggling 48-hour shifts at the fire department before having four days off, which is when he operates Rescue 1 and Screen 33. His wife, Kennie, is an Emergency Room nurse at Cache Valley Hospital.

Brent and Kennie Harding

Brent explained that firefighters take an oath to put the lives of the public before their own, and that often requires much sacrifice from them and their families.

“Oftentimes, Kennie will just be finishing her night shift in the hospital, and I will leave for my shift to start at the fire department,” Brent said. “We know firsthand just how crazy the juggling act of shift work can be. Add on parenting our three young boys (Jack, 11, Peter, 7, and JT, 1), and to say we are busy would be an understatement. However, our kids have grown to love the fields of work we are in and are learning by example why it’s important to give back to the community we live in.”

Brent says that he and Kennie have a strong desire to do more to “help the helpers” and last year they started a non-profit 501C3 organization called the Firefighter Support Foundation.

The foundation’s mission is to empower firefighters to strengthen their resiliency through mental wellness, physical health, and human connection. “We have used the Rescue 1 Studios side of the business to donate a website (www.firefighter.support) that is full of free resources, including healthy recipes, over 100 fitness videos, and a library of video training covering everything from ice baths to spirituality and resiliency,” Brent said. “We also have a podcast in which firefighters discuss topics of sleep, burnout, trauma therapy, and healthy lifestyle.”

Screen 33 donates a significant portion of profits and the use of its space for all first responder agencies in Cache Valley for training and social gatherings.

Brent is a full-time firefighter for Logan City

Firefighters and their spouses are also involved in helping raise funds by coming in off-duty as volunteers to help keep Screen 33’s soda bar stocked and create balloon towers and arches for various parties in exchange for small donations to the foundation from the party and their guests.

Funds from the foundation are used for a variety of things, including help to cover the costs of first responder funerals, help to provide basic needs to first responders who were injured on duty, and free services and training to first responders from subject matter experts. Brent says last year the foundation was able to cover all the travel expenses for a local family of a fallen firefighter to attend a ceremony in Colorado Springs where the firefighter’s name was placed on a wall dedicated to firefighters who died in the line of duty.

To donate to the Firefighter Support Foundation, visit firefighter.support/foundation online.

Events at Screen 33 range from company presentations, movie nights, video game contests, family parties, weddings, and even a memorable weight-lifting competition.

Since 2019, Screen 33 has continually added amenities and aesthetic upgrades, including various seating and table options and hundreds of LED lights that color sync to match specific events.

There is room to host 80 people seated at tables and up to 150 people standing. The venue is equipped with:

  • An 8’ x 8’ stage with a microphone, podium, and full audio
  • Luxury theater-style seating for up to 30 people, 80 folding chairs, and 10 bar stools
  • Round, rectangular, and cocktail-style table and seating options

“We realize that we do not have the biggest event space in town,” Brent said. “However, we love the size of our space and feel it is just the right size for meaningful social connections for smaller groups.”

For more information or to schedule a booking, visit screen33.com or call 435-359-0707.