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Every Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m., the upbeat voices of Bruce Lee and Sid Roderer from KVNU radio’s “Senior Moments” talk show are welcomed into homes and cars by loyal listeners throughout Cache Valley. 

The radio show and podcast has become a constant, trusted source of information for older adults and their families. The weekly show features a variety of guests with expertise in Medicare and insurance education, estate planning, healthcare, and a wide range of beneficial services available to the Valley’s aging population. 

The story of how “Senior Moments” began started when co-host Sid Roderer watched her own grandparents age and experienced the struggle of finding trusted, accurate information for them. Sid says she watched rash decisions being made and wondered if there was a better way. 

“It bothered me enough to think it would be great if there was one spot you could go and get all the information and all the questions answered that you might not even know to ask,” Sid said. 

Sid wanted to bring a group of professionals together who worked with anything that had to do with aging adults, but who would not solicit anything from them. In 2016 she took her thoughts to Bruce Lee, current owner of ComForCare, an in-home care company. Together they launched “Empowering Seniors,” a group of professionals from a variety of industries who work to educate and help aging adults connect with the services they need without being intimidated. 

Bruce points out that the aging population is solicited frequently, and they are often nervous about asking questions when they feel they’re being pressured to sign up or buy something. To counter this, Empowering Seniors hosted informative seminars and eventually Bruce came up with the idea for “Senior Moments.” The radio show has proven to be the perfect environment for aging adults to gain needed knowledge in a safe place — their own home. 

Older adults aren’t the only ones listening. Sid says they find that “soccer moms” in cars are often listening. Bruce never knows when he’ll be approached and hear, “Are you the guy on the radio?” Sid and Bruce feel this is positive and means they’re getting information out to families.

A recent example of the information they’re sharing on “Senior Moments” came from Leslie Black of the Cache Valley Threshold Singers, a group that sings comforting songs at the bedside of those who are seriously ill or in crisis. The volunteer group, which offers services at no charge, has received permission to record songs that can be downloaded when they can’t sing in person.

Leslie is passionate about reaching out during COVID, a time of isolation, and has been working to get information out about Cache Valley Threshold Singers. Leslie said sharing her message on “Senior Moments” offered a unique format where she could actually share the group’s songs.

“Bruce has given me an opportunity for a voice and I’m very grateful. He believes this is an important service for our community,” Leslie said.

Another service important to Empowering Seniors is Connected Medical, a primary and palliative care service that is described as a mobile nurse practitioner (NP), like Doc Baker from Little House on the Prairie. Vulnerable adults who can’t travel to the doctor’s office, can be visited by a NP right in their home. Rob Phelps of Connected Medical believes Empowering Seniors and “Senior Moments” fill an important need in our community.

“I’ve sensed the senior [age] group is wanting to be more empowered. We’ve seen more and more saying ‘I’m an intelligent human being who has the ability to gather information and make decisions that work for me,’” Rob said. “We’re starting to get interviewed more, we’re starting to get more questions. People aren’t just signing on the line and hoping you take good care of them anymore.” 

Rob, Bruce, and Sid believe empowering every aging adult in Cache Valley with knowledge will ensure that they live their best life possible. Bruce and Sid plan to keep recording and keep the information flowing. For more information visit empoweringseniors.info.

threshold singersLearn More About Cache Valley Threshold Singers 

Bringing comfort and peace through song at the bedside of those who are seriously ill or in crisis. Even during COVID, you don’t have to be alone, email CacheValleyThresholdSingers@gmail.com to download songs of comfort at no charge.