Cami Graham, contributing writer,

WE ARE ALL feeling it: The ache and longing for sunshine, longer days, and perhaps a little freedom from the drudgery of schedules. The term “caged animals” comes to mind.

I know what we all need … a fun family outing! Or at the very least, the hopes of a family adventure, because sometimes just thoughts and planning for one can raise spirits exponentially.

Seems like a good time to share an easy no-sew applique T-shirt idea, that could help you get excited and prepare for fun to come. Your kiddos will be delighted and ready to wear their new shirt, made just for that special occasion.

Whether you are planning a Disney trip or a visit to the zoo, aquarium, or dinosaur museum, or are simply aching to make something cute, you can customize your shapes and make these T-shirts one-of-a-kind. They are easy, require no sewing, and take less than a naptime to complete.

• T-Shirts (any plain T-shirt will work.)
• Felt squares (I chose felt because it does not fray and has a
nice, raised-texture look. Look for high-quality, thick felt at
craft stores for very cheap.)
• Silhouette image (Draw a shape or Google silhouette image.)
• Fabric shears
• Heat N Bond fabric adhesive
• Pencil
• Iron

You may be wondering if this shirt will wash and wear well. From my experience, Heat N Bond holds well for a very long time. Felt is an inexpensive fabricated product and will wear and pill faster than other fabrics. Having said that, I’ve washed our shirts several times, and they still look great. I don’t expect them to last longer than the season without the felt beginning to look a little dingy, but they suited my purposes perfectly and were very inexpensive.

Easy, No- Sew Applique T- Shirts

step one: PREP
Cut a piece of Heat N Bond large enough to cover the size of your silhouette image. Don’t worry about exactness — you will be trimming later.

step two: IRON
Iron the textured side of the Heat N Bond to the backside of your fabric piece. Be sure to read over the manufacturer instructions for the Heat N Bond.

step three: TRACE
Trace the silhouette shape onto the paper backing of the Heat N Bond with a pencil.

step four: CUT
Carefully cut along your tracing marks, keeping your cuts as smooth as possible.

step five: MARK
Smooth out your T-shirt on an ironing surface. Mark or make note of where your image will be placed. Carefully peel off the paper backing of the Heat N Bond, making sure the clear residue is left on the fabric.

step six: APPLY
Carefully place the image where you would like it on the T-shirt, with the front of the fabric facing up, and press firmly with the iron in each position. Do not rub the iron around, rather, it is best to press down for 20-30 seconds in one spot, then lift and press the next spot. Again, carefully read the directions on the package of the fabric adhesive to ensure you are doing what works best with that product.

Be sure no corners are lifting before you finish pressing, and then let the shirt cool completely before use.