Mitchell Perkins, marketing, Lewiston State Bank

Rodeos are in full swing this time of year. Every second counts, and the rodeo has you cheering as loud as you can while sitting on the edge of your seat. Whether it’s the attire, the food or those bucking broncos and bulls, the rodeo is a must-attend event. We feel that same nostalgia here at Lewiston State Bank.

Steve Edwards, business development and relationship manager, has worked for Lewiston State Bank for seven years. Steve was raised in Malad, Idaho where he competed in many rodeo competitions until his mid-30s. He still ropes today. “With work and rodeo, I have learned that the harder you work and practice, the better you will become,” Steve said. “You really have to make sure you are accountable and do your own work because no one is going to do it for you.”

In team roping, it takes two, and at Lewiston State Bank, we want to be your partner. We promise to know your name and help you with all your banking needs.

Camrell Lawson, an assistant vice president and manager, is another team player. She has worked for Lewiston State Bank for 15 years, and was born and raised in Lewiston where her passion for horses was cultivated at a young age. When she was 12 years old, she decided to train her own horses. “It’s very challenging as I like to start when the horses are two years old,” Camrell said. “It is very fulfilling to watch how the horses learn and grow.”

While it’s hard finding a balance between work and her passions, riding is worthwhile as it has made her who she is today. “The reason I started working for Lewiston State Bank was it reminded me of my roots as they have the same values I have,” Camrell said. “My job is to make sure customers are happy with their cards, which is easy because Lewiston is my family.”

Here at Lewiston State Bank, we take pride in our heritage. Through our dedication, research and learning we want to provide for every community member’s needs. We know that like the rodeo every second counts. It’s hard to balance all life throws at you, but we want to make it easier. Come see what we can do for you. We love what you love because we come from the same stable.