Advanced Surgery Center of Northern Utah

Emily Buckley, editor in chief 

Advanced Surgery Center of Northern Utah (ASCNU) is a an accredited ambulatory surgery center (ASC) located in Cache Valley. It opened over a year and a half ago to give patients an alternative to hospital admission for same-day surgery procedures, including total joint replacements and spinal fusions.

Patients who choose to have surgery at ASCNU arrive on the day of their procedure, have their surgery in a fully equipped operating room and recover under the care of highly skilled nurses, all without hospital admission. “Since we do not have the overhead of a hospital, we are able to perform procedures at the same high level of care, with the same specialized attention, but at a lower cost,” Marielle Whitlock, RN, ASCNU’s administrator and director of nursing, said. “We also offer cash pricing for all procedures.” The center provides patient registration, waiting rooms, surgical suites, and recovery rooms all in one convenient location.

ASCNU’s physicians cover a wide range of specialties including back and spine, podiatry, orthopedics, pain management, and hand surgery.

“Anyone can contact our physicians at their Alpine Orthopedic Specialists offices,” Marielle said. “There, they can help address your health concerns and determine if surgery is needed. Alternatively, if you are seen by one of our physicians in the emergency room, you can also choose to have your procedure performed at our facility.”

ASCNU’s staff works closely with physical therapy to help total joint replacement patients experience a successful recovery. “Physical therapists visit total joint replacement patients at the center before they are discharged,” Marielle said. “They will also visit patients in the convenience of their own homes as part of their after-care plan. We aim to give patients the resources and tools for a safe and comfortable recovery from every procedure.”

The center is up to date with the latest and most efficient medical equipment. “Our physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses, and surgical technicians are specially trained in surgery and recovery to provide you with the best care and outcome,” Marielle said. “Our number one priority is to keep our patients and community safe. We see surgical patients only. Therefore, there is a much lower opportunity to become ill from another patient. We take pride in our center’s low infection rate. We guarantee our center will offer you a safe and clean environment.”

Another thing that sets ASCNU apart is its dedicated focus on scheduled patients. “Our specialty is surgery and our focus is on our patients scheduled for that day. This means fewer delays and less waiting,” Marielle said. “Unlike at a hospital, you will not have your surgery delayed because of non-related emergent procedures. Knowing our schedule in advance allows us to staff appropriately to give you an increased level of attention and ensure quality, personal care. We know surgery can cause stress and anxiety. Our highest goal is to give you the best experience possible from start to finish.”

Advanced Surgery Center of Northern Utah