Melanie Christensen, curriculum administrator, Little Wonders Learning Center



Tis the season for holiday parties, gatherings and events! The holidays can be a busy time, but they are also the perfect time to increase family togetherness and focus on important traditions that create lasting memories. Family traditions have the power to increase a child’s self-esteem and sense of belonging. They provide a sense of consistency and security that have a positive impact on a child’s development and wellbeing. This holiday season take time to participate in time-honored family traditions and perhaps add a few new ones to your list. Here are five ideas to get you started:

1. Go on a snow walk. The first snowfall of the season is magical. Bundle up and head outdoors. This simple activity can be a great bonding opportunity for your family and provide time to connect and spend quality time together. Complete your family snow walk with a cup of hot cocoa and a fun holiday story or board game.

2. Christmas light tour. Break out your festive pajamas and pile into the family vehicle. Drive around your neighborhood to scope out the seasonal light displays. Create a family award or simple treat to leave on the doorstep of your family’s favorite display. This provides an opportunity to perform a simple act of kindness to let others know how much you appreciate their effort to spread holiday cheer.

3. Host a Christmas craft party. Invite some of your children’s friends over to make a Christmas craft and enjoy holiday treats. Ornaments, paper crafts, and painting are all fun options. Consider making reindeer food to send home with each participant to leave for Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve.

4. Make Christmas cards to send to grandparents and other loved ones. Set out construction paper, markers, stickers, and other embellishments and let your children explore their creative side as they create a meaningful gift to brighten someone’s day.

5. Make a family Christmas playlist and have a dance party. Encourage each family member to add some of their favorite songs. Set out a disco ball or dance by the light of the Christmas tree and enjoy giggles and good times with your little ones as you rock out to your favorite Christmas tunes. Traditions are powerful opportunities to make memories with the people you love the most. As you intentionally create and implement traditions in your home, you strengthen family bonds and give your children the gift of time and happy memories.