Emily Buckley, editor in chief

Last Friday artists, art enthusiasts, and some of Cache Valley’s most generous philanthropists came together at the Malouf headquarters in Logan for a good cause: to end abuse in Cache Valley.

The Malouf Foundation raised $48,900 for CAPSA at their third-annual Art for CAPSA Dinner and Art Auction on October 13, where guests paid $125 each to have the exclusive opportunity to meet well-known and upcoming artists plus bid on a variety of their original paintings, including a live painting by renowned artist Michael Malm. Throughout the night, Malouf’s staff chefs prepared incredible food in a multi-course chef’s tasting format to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Malouf staff, including the chefs, donated their time for the event, to allow proceeds to have a greater impact. Scott Carr, Malouf brand manager, explained that this “all-hands-on-deck system” for the organization’s charity work adds meaning to employees’ everyday jobs. 

CAPSA (Citizens Against Physical and Sexual Abuse) is a non-profit domestic violence, sexual abuse, and rape recovery center serving Cache County and the Bear Lake area. It provides free, confidential support services for women, men, and children impacted by abuse. In 2017, CAPSA sheltered 380 women, children, and men in our community. Through donations, they were able to maintain their goal to never turn a person seeking refuge away. Also last year, they handled 4,536 calls through their crisis line and provided therapy free of charge to those who needed it.

Sam and Kacie Malouf founded Malouf, a premium bedding company headquartered in Logan, in 2003. “Basically, we are lucky to make bedding products,” Sam said.  “They fulfill a primary need. We formalized the foundation, so we could better promote what we can offer, reach a wider base of people, and answer the needs of children and families.”

Before the Malouf Foundation was created in 2016, Jake Neely, the organization’s communications director, said they had done a lot of reactive work.

For years Malouf donated bedding locally to CAPSA’s safe house, and to other organizations and individuals in need. “Everyone needs rest, comfort, and safety,” the Malouf Foundation’s website states. “When families experience natural disasters, violence, displacement, or hardship, the Malouf Foundation steps in to help.”

The Malouf Foundation’s mission is to “provide hope and freedom for children around the world.” Their flagship cause is to rescue and shelter sexually exploited and trafficked children. Additionally, they work to stop physical and sexual abuse, and humanitarian efforts.

“You hear these stories and you can’t forget about them,” Jake said. “That’s what happened, we became aware of the prevalence, and when you know more you do more. We are having success with our work, but there is still help needed. That’s why we are sharing the work we do, not to bring attention to ourselves, but to educate people on how they can help too.”

To learn more about the Malouf Foundation, or to donate to one of their causes, visit malouffoundation.org. To learn more about CAPSA, visit CAPSA.org.

Jill Anderson, CAPSA executive director, thanks Malouf founders, Sam and Kacie Malouf, for their support.