by Sarah Romero

Packing a picnic lunch or dinner is a great way to get your family outside and spend time together this summer. Cache Valley offers some of the best picnic locations for all types of families. Here are nine of the best picnic spots in the valley.

Best picnic spot for playing sports:

Elk Ridge Park: 2076 North 1200 East, North Logan.

Elk Ridge Park

Elk Ridge Park

Elk Ridge Park offers a multitude of activities for a sports-minded family to enjoy. It has many different sport courts, a large grassy area for kicking around a soccer ball and even a fire pit to roast s’mores. The large covered pavilion makes this park the perfect place for large group gatherings. This park’s offerings include:

  • Covered pavilion with 10 picnic tables
  • Garbage cans
  • Tennis court
  • Baseball diamond
  • Basketball court
  • Sand-volleyball net
  • Small playground
  • Fire pit
  • Large grassy area
  • Walking path, which is great for walking dogs (Make sure to keep them on a leash!)

Best picnic spots for playing on a playground:

Heber Olsen Park: 400 South 600 East, River Heights

Ryan's Park

Ryan’s Place playground


Heber Olsen Park is the ultimate playground-lover’s destination. The playground, called Ryan’s Place, was built entirely by volunteers in 2007 to honor Ryan Steven Adams. It was designed by children and includes a “spaceship,” cargo nets, swings and misters to keep kids cool in the summer heat. This park’s offerings include:

  • Large playground, “Ryan’s Place”
  • Restrooms
  • Sand-volleyball net
  • Baseball diamond
  • Grassy field
  • Covered picnic tables


Merlin Olsen Central Park: 300 East Center Street, Logan (in the “island”)

Merlin Olsen

Merlin Olsen Park playground

Merlin Olsen Central Park offers covered picnic tables and a fun playground for kids to enjoy. There is also a large grassy field for playing Frisbee, croquet or soccer games. This park’s offerings include:

  • Playground
  • Covered picnic tables
  • Tennis and basketball courts
  • Large grassy field
  • Garbage cans
  • Restrooms

Adams Park: 500 East 500 North, Logan

Adam's Park

Adam’s Park

Adams Park is a beautiful place for a picnic. The large trees offer plenty of shade from the hot sun, and the volleyball net and playground provide fun activities for your family. This park’s offerings include:

  • Playground
  • Volleyball net
  • Grassy areas with trees
  • Covered picnic tables
  • Restrooms
  • Garbage cans

Best picnic spots to see ducks:

Canyon Entrance Park, “First Dam”: Canyon Road, right along Highway 89

First Dam

Canyon Entrance Park

“First Dam” is a must see for Cache Valley residents. Nestled at the base of Logan Canyon, First Dam is a beautiful spot for a picnic. Feed the ducks, fish from the wooden dock or simply sit back and enjoy a beautiful summer night near the water. This park’s offerings include:

  • Ducks to feed
  • Dock to fish from
  • Covered picnic tables
  • Water to paddleboard/canoe in
  • Restrooms
  • Garbage cans

USU Innovation Campus: 400 East 1650 North, Logan

USU innovation campus2

USU Innovation Campus

In the middle of USU’s Innovation Campus there is a breathtaking pond surrounded by beautiful trees, which offers the perfect place for a picnic. There are usually ducks swimming in the pond, however you are not supposed to feed them. This is a great place for a weekend picnic—it may be busy with students during the week. This park’s offerings include:

  • Beautiful pond
  • Grassy area with trees
  • 2 picnic tables
  • Ducks

Best picnic spot for a view:

Ranger Station: 1500 East Highway 89, Logan

Ranger Station

Ranger Station in Logan Canyon

Although this may not be your typical picnic location, the Ranger Station at the base of Logan Canyon is actually a great place for an evening picnic. It offers a beautiful view of the valley and a convenient place for a quick picnic. This park’s offerings include:

  • 3 picnic tables
  • Beautiful view of the valley


“Off the beaten path” picnic locations:

Benson Marina (Directions: Go west from Logan on Highway 30 (200 North) to 3200 West and turn right. Drive three miles to 3000 North and turn left (west) and go 2.2 miles to the Benson Marina.)

Benson Marina

Benson Marina

While it takes about 25 minutes to get to the marina from downtown Logan, the scenic picnic destination is well worth the drive. Benson Marina offers shaded picnic tables complete with BBQ grills, and the nearby water is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. This park’s offerings include: 

  • 7 picnic tables, 3 are covered
  • BBQ grills
  • Restrooms
  • Garbage cans
  • Beautiful views of the mountains and surrounding valley
  • Water for swimming, fishing or canoeing

Porcupine Reservoir (Directions: From Paradise, go south through Avon until you cross the East Fork of Little Bear River. Then turn east and head up the canyon about two miles. The road will turn to gravel and branch out at one point, continue along the higher gravel road around the lake.)


Porcupine Reservoir

Porcupine Reservoir

Porcupine Reservoir is a memorable destination for adventure-seeking families. The drive to the reservoir takes you through the quaintly picturesque town of Avon. Once at the reservoir, there are great spots to make a fire, launch a canoe or just enjoy the beautiful scenery. While there are no established picnic tables or restrooms, the reservoir offers a great spot for a picnic and afternoon outing. Make sure to bring something to sit on, whether it’s a camping table and chairs, or a thick picnic blanket. This park’s offerings include: 

  • No tables, restrooms or garbage cans
  • Fire pits
  • Water for swimming, canoeing and paddle boarding
  • Beautiful views of the reservoir and surrounding mountains