Emily Buckley, editor in chief

Hitting the road in your RV is a great way for families to experience new sites together, but road trips can also result in grumpy kids and exhausted parents. Before you pack up for a summer outing, consider these 8 tips to make things go more smoothly:

SET EXPECTATIONS Before you even leave the driveway, set expectations as a family. Will electronics be allowed? If so, when? Who will be responsible for what chores when it comes to setting up and taking down camp? Explain campground etiquette.

GET ORGANIZED Organization is key, especially when road tripping. Create organized spaces for them to store their toys, books, and activities. An RV can become cluttered very quickly without assigning a space for everything.

DON’T FORGET A DOORMAT A doormat and area to leave shoes either right outside or inside the RV will go a long way to keep a clean and organized living space.

DEFINE PERSONAL SPACE If you’re on a long trip, decide how to provide each person with their own personal space.

PACK A BABY GATE FOR YOUNGER CAMPERS For little ones and babies, a pack and play or baby gate is a good idea to ensure safety around the campfire or in the RV.

BE PREPARED If your children are old enough to pack for themselves it is a good opportunity to let them practice responsibility, but be prepared to back them up in case they forget something. Bring extra blankets, jackets, sunscreen, and necessary medications.

THINK CREATIVELY ABOUT ENTERTAINMENT When it comes to entertainment, the world around you is about as good as it gets. National parks and public lands often have programs for kids and teens. For rainy days, make sure to have coloring books, bubbles, and card games handy. Some days even call for a movie. One of the great things about today’s RVs is the ability to combine modern conveniences with the great outdoors.

ENJOY EACH OTHER Don’t forget the most important part: Enjoying one another. Take time to let the kids be kids and marvel at the way they see the world. Lie under the stars together one night or enjoy a s’more, even if the marshmallow is a little burnt.