by Jeff Whipple, vice president Megaplex Theatres

movie summerIf you are looking for some new ways to help the kids entertain themselves this summer, try any or all of the easy tips below to beat the heat and unlock your family’s imagination:

1. Play Charades Take turns acting out famous movies, books or song titles and see how quickly your friends guess the title correctly. Keep a list of family-friendly words and phrases handy for impromptu fun. 

2. Put on a Show Gather some friends, dig out the costumes, write a short script, practice funny accents and let your imagination run wild.

3. Make a Mini Movie Use your phone or video camera to capture the show. 

4. Build a Movie Set Turn old appliance boxes, lawn furniture or other items into a western town, spaceship or other favorite movie set. 

5. Start a Band Recreate the “Trashin’ the Camp” scene from Disney’s Tarzan and use old buckets, pots, pans, spoons or anything else sitting around the house or yard to build a jazzy rhythm section.

6. Un-Birthday Party Invite Alice, the Mad Hatter and other wacky characters to dress up and celebrate a spectacular holiday that applies to everyone 364 days each year.

7. Cool Off When the temperature starts to heat up in the middle of the day, take a break and enjoy a visit to the nearest air conditioned movie theatre for a matinee. There is nothing better to beat the summer heat than the cool, friendly atmosphere of a great movie.