Blake Ostler, realtor, Jette Youngblood Real Estate

Interest rates are still historically low and the housing market is hot, so whether you are planning to sell your home or just want to increase the curb appeal of your home for your own enjoyment, these 10 tips will give your home an instant boost.

    Framing the windows, shutters offer big impact without any structural work. They can be purchased at almost any home improvement store or could be the perfect DIY weekend project.
  2. GIVE YOUR FRONT DOOR PERSONALITY Want to make your home stand out in an otherwise “cookie-cutter” neighborhood, or provide a welcoming vibe for everyone who pulls up to your home? A pop of color on your front door will do the trick. With a little elbow grease, painting your front door will only take a couple of hours and can add an instant “wow factor” to any home.
  3. PLANT FLOWERS Give your house a homey feeling by adding a flower bed along the front of the house or walkway. This helps to soften the harsh lines of the house. Be sure to keep plants 18-to-24 inches away from the house to prevent pests like spiders. Also, watch the size of your plants, keeping tall plants in the back and short plants in the front. Take time to plan so you have things blooming in different seasons.
  4. MAKE GARAGE DOORS INTERESTING Add hardware to your garage door to bring it from boring to beautiful. Kits are available for purchase to make it a simple project.
  5. SPRUCE UP YOUR FRONT PORCH Adding chairs or furniture to your front porch says, “Come sit, have a cold lemonade, and visit!” There’s something magical and almost historical about sitting on the front porch and watching the world around you on a hot summer day.
  6. FRESHEN UP YOUR MAILBOX Giving your mailbox a nice post, fresh paint, and new numbers can add instant value. It’s one of the first things people see as they come up to your house, and it’s probably the most overlooked.
  7. BUY SOME POTTED PLANTS A colorful container of annual flowers is an affordable way to add instant curb appeal. Colored pots like blue or yellow are very popular right now.
  8. UPDATE YOUR HOUSE NUMBERS Show some personality and make your house numbers stand out from the road. Use flowers, lights, or oversized numbers to achieve this look.
  9. MAKE A SIMPLE, YET STUNNING, PORCH DISPLAY Nothing say  “welcome to my home” like a wreath on the door, potted greens or trees on the porch, or a nice welcome mat at the door.
  10. ADD AMBIENT LIGHT Solar lights are a great and affordable way to add ambient lighting at dusk and dark. There’s something magical about lighting up your home with an elegant display of lighting.