School’s out! A three-month summer break may be a welcomed relief to your children, but now it’s your turn to keep them entertained all day. Here are 10 educational websites to keep your children entertained and learning during inside quiet times this summer break.

  1. Fun Brain

game-funbrainFun Brain is a great website to keep kids entertained and sharp during the summer. It offers math and reading games, online books, comics and more! The website is meant for preschoolers through eighth graders.




  1. National Geographic KidsNational Geographic National_Geographic_Kids_(logo)Kids is the perfect website for animal and nature-loving kids. They can watch animal cameras, do virtual science experiments, study different types of animals and learn interesting facts about nature.



  1. NGA Kids

NGA KidsPaint your own picture, create a collage and learn about different artists and painting styles. The National Gallery of Art for kids is an educational and interactive website where kids can learn all about art and the history behind it.



  1. Spatulatta

Spatulattalogo066__0038_SpatullataSpatulatta turns children into chefs! This kid-friendly website offers countless recipe ideas and teaches children the basic skills of cooking. With this website as a resource, your kids will be cooking your family summer dinner in no time.




  1. ABCya

abcya_logoThis educational website was created and approved by certified school teachers. Meant for K-5th graders, it teaches children math, language arts and basic computer skills using fun and interactive activities.


  1. Kids Know It

KidsKnowIt_logo-1This Kids Know It has a variety of different subjects for kids to explore. They can learn about animals, spelling, chemistry, astronomy and more. They can even watch educational movies, listen to music and learn fun facts about the world.



  1. Learning Games for Kids

LGFK_Logo2Play math games, study geography, science and literature. Learn about health, listen to songs and watch videos. This website will quickly become a favorite for your children. It offers games and interactive activities for almost any subject you can imagine!





  1. PBS Kids

images-1Each educational television show on PBS has its own learning section on The website offers sing-a-longs, videos and interactive games for your kids to enjoy.





  1. Starfall

starfallStarfall teaches kids to read using phonics. It offers plays, non-fiction stories and comics to teach children letter recognition in a fun and interesting way.


10.  Discovery Kids

DiscoveryKids.comBuild your own volcano and watch it erupt. Watch a slow-motion video of a shark attacking its prey. Discovery Kids allows children to explore the world through books, videos and activities. It teaches kids facts about animals, science, nature and much more.